From Planning to Maintenance

Murphy International provides complete financial advisory services. We begin by developing a structure for the transaction that meets the owner’s needs, using our extensive knowledge of private capital markets and our relationships with leading lenders and investors to create a “win-win” scenario. This financial structuring is augmented by our detailed experience in refurbishing and operating power plants, providing additional credibility to our analyses. The proposed transaction is then circulated to qualified institutions to solicit their interest. Terms sheets are negotiated and obtained. This is followed by detailed negotiation of deal terms and coordination of due diligence, leading to a formal commitment. Finally, comprehensive loan and/or investment documents are negotiated with the lenders/investors in close cooperation with corporate counsel.

Project Management
Murphy International provides comprehensive Project and Construction management services. Our project and construction managers maintain a high level of experience and oversee all or part of the project including the design phase, engineering phase and monitoring of the project architect & engineer, coordination of all design review, coordination and review of all submittals, establishment of the review procedures, project record keeping, procurement management and scheduling, project scheduling management, supervision of the bid evaluation process, manager of the pre-bid conferences and site visits, preparation of bid evaluations, determination with specification conformance and contract modifications, coordination of all crafts required to build the project, and project site management including project close out and acceptance.

Engineering Services
Murphy International  provides a complete scope of engineering services including civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation & controls. Our engineers have broad-based experience in the design of steam and electrical power generating systems.

Murphy International offers customized, comprehensive commissioning and start up management services for steam and power generating facilities including start up management, documentation submittal, mechanical equipment, instrumentation & controls. We provide these services for a wide variety of systems, including: combustion turbines, steam boilers, water treatment systems, fuel handling systems, system acceptance tests, and system performance tests. Our management expertise enables the process of converting thousands of components into a functioning steam and power generating facility after months of planning, engineering and construction.

Plant Operations and Maintenance
Murphy International provides complete O&M services. MIDC provides administrative, managerial and technical personnel and services and supervision; technical, professional and other services; materials, tools, supplies, and equipment, information, drawings, plans, specifications, designs, data, and other items necessary to operate and maintain the Project, such as:

  • Preparing and submitting on a timely basis all financial records and reports reasonably requested by Project or otherwise required by the Lender
  • Assisting Project in renewing, amending or negotiating any power purchase agreement.
  • Applying for and maintaining, on behalf and in the name of Project, the required insurance policies, including making insurance premium payments
  • Administering all Project related land and resource lease agreements, including making rent and royalty payments
  • Obtaining and renewing, on behalf and in the name of Project, Government Approvals and preparing and submitting, on behalf and in the name of Project, and on a timely basis, all reports, filings and notices required by such Government Approvals
  • Any other reasonable requests of Project

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