Our Commitment to Renewable Energy Solutions

Murphy International is involved directly and indirectly through investment entities, in a number of Renewable Energy Projects in Wind – Solar - Biomass - Geothermal – Waste-to-Energy - and Waste Heat Recovery. In today's business climate, maximizing energy use and minimizing pollution are more important than ever.

Whether it is pollution free electricity or money-saving and conscientious waste disposal, we are focused exclusively on Renewable Energy.  Waste-to-Energy is a “clean, reliable, renewable source of energy,” according to the U.S. EPA. The Federal Power Act, the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s regulations, and the Biomass Research and Development Act of 2000 all recognize waste-to-energy power as renewable biomass, as do fifteen states that have enacted electric restructuring laws.

Murphy International chooses to focus on regional projects where we can capitalize on our diverse experience using our core relationships with partners and long standing support companies. Our focus is on North and Latin American opportunities and our preference is early stage Greenfield investment, preferring to work only with management teams with proven records. We can participate in these projects by contributing equipment, finance, and/or expertise. Projects are structured as ownership, equity partnership, investor and/ or service and equipment contract supplier.

We are actively pursuing developments of all the projects that you will find in this section.


Murphy International and partners have been engaged for 20 years in advances in wind technology, which continue to help drop the cost of energy from the wind dramatically. Research is carried out for research labs, universities, and utility organizations building upon our base as former owners for turbine designs at Norwin A/S. Areas of technology advances include ...more ]


Murphy International and partners have been involved in development of solar for homes, businesses, and utilities around the globe. We start from the initial planning and finish with the design build and operation for our clients or as a direct owner, selling the energy ... [ more ]


Murphy International’s combined renewable energy experience with wind, solar, biomass, hydroelectric, geothermal, CHP, hybrid and micro-grids provide unique capabilities as we now build alternative fuels projects including Hydrogen.  We are now developing strategically located Green Hydrogen production projects combining hydrogen and renewables and separately with our H2E Energy, LLC business, building a portfolio of C&I, farm, and public refueling stations ... [ more ]


Murphy International provides support services to perform development engineering and administrative services, structure and arrange the project team, provide hands-on plant operating procedures/ plans and provide ongoing technical and management support services for geothermal project development. Our goal is to work with the client and their staff to assist and provide additional resources to optimize cost effective startup and operations of geothermal facilities ... [ more ]


Murphy International provides fully automated turnkey leading technology low-cost modular biomass combustion and gasification plants complete from fuel storage and feed systems to ash handling systems. All with state of the art operational and emissions controls. Our focus is on base-load low-cost of energy production using sustainable local fuel for community and industrial clients ...


A hybrid generation system is a system combing two (or more) energy sources, operated jointly, including (but not necessarily) a storage unit and connected to a local distribution network microgrids.  Murphy International has combined energy sources to effect high benefit at lower costs to centralized utility service. We provide complete hybrid systems for; remote locations, island nations, industrial parks, real estate developments, local cities and municipalities ...

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