Four Decades of Success

Murphy International has, for over four decades, established a successful technical and financial track record for sustainable and renewable energy consulting and development. Managing complex project problem solving including fast-track power generating equipment supply, equity finance, site development, and environmental remediation and stewardship.


Originally, acting as a manufactures' representative, including tax and leveraged lease financing and asset re-marketing, debt/equity finance, adding operations management for power projects and environmental remediation and recycling ventures, and more recently investment in sustainable energy technology have contributed to Murphy International's diversified successful project history.

Wind turbine manufacturing and project development, geothermal project repowering and development, solar electric, and fast track project; design, procurement, construction, and operation including many Award-Winning global projects. Highlighted projects include the world's first wind powered skyscraper – Bahrain World Trade Center, the 450 Mw Biglow Canyon Wind Farm - PGE, and fast-track 100 Mw Evander Andrews power complex for Idaho Power two weeks ahead of schedule. Island Nation work for SIDS Dock and IADB Caribbean Basin CHENACT AP RE/EE programs.

Murphy International provided the turnkey supply of the 100 Mw CCGT (W251B12 GT's) simple cycle plant - operational in 17 weeks for Idaho Power including facilitating the EPC guarantee contract with Innogy (UK) during the height of the California energy debacle. Similarly, during a phase shifter failure, Murphy International provided emergency fast-track project supply of a P&W FT4 gas turbine generator (from NRG- Summerset) with DLN emission alpha test equipment installed and operating in synchronous generation, ahead of schedule and below budget, for Vermont Electric Light Company (VELCO) in 7 weeks - abating statewide brownouts. Murphy International arranged debt and equity financing, negotiated and closed the acquisition of the 12.5 Mw Stillwater Geothermal power plant and established the O&M management company providing both ongoing expansion with 30 Mw development and overall complex O&M services.

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