Murphy International Investments

Murphy International Development provides services to independent power producers and developers of renewable and conventional plants including; wind, solar, Biomass, hydroelectric, geothermal, CHP, cogeneration and alternative fuels projects.

Our focus is on North and Latin American/Caribbean opportunities and prefers early stage Greenfield Investment, preferring to work only with management teams with proven records. It also serves equipment related manufacturers and suppliers and affiliated projects with financing. Murphy International manages direct renewable investments for a variety of institutional and corporate clients.

Particular funds include; leasing pools and tax managed equity funds for institutional investors seeking long-term direct investments in the energy industry. The firm forms and manages joint ventures through which it invests its own funds in conjunction with those of institutional, utility, and corporate investment partners. Investment sizes range from distributed generation portfolios to utility scale projects -$50,000 to $100 million.

Murphy International develops, builds, and operates electric-generating facilities fueled primarily by wind, solar and clean renewable resources, such as geothermal. Murphy International integrated the technical and financial knowledge gained by working on projects for hundreds of clients and started to build a development base. Through lowering operating costs, economies of scale, best-in-class technology, and integrating landowner participation on acquired properties MI ensures success.

Murphy International now has a varied development base in several states for successful build-out. Since its founding, MI has leveraged their technical, financial, and hands-on field knowledge to develop geothermal plants in Nevada and new wind farms in Texas, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and Washington. All states with the highest wind production capabilities. Investments include development and sales companies, and renewable energy and wind farm project holding companies.

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