Bevin Etienne, PhD, Technical Director

Bevin has 10 years experience in the research and development of renewable energy technologies and their deployment. These include renewable energy resource assessment, small-scale renewable energy solutions, and com¬mercial and industrial energy audits and energy efficiency projects.   He has designed and installed hybrid energy systems, including solar and wind projects and has engineered rural electrification systems.  He has conducted planning and project development for wind, geothermal, thermal, and solar PV energy, economics and financing of power plants and systems, life cycle analysis and technology trade off for renewable energy systems, optimization modeling of energy systems with a focus on the supply and demand side management of energy, research and development of control solutions for hybrid energy systems and grid integration.  University of Maryland, PhD, Mechanical Engineering 2005, MS, Mechanical Engineering 2002, BS, Mechanical Engineering 2000. 

Projects have included:

  • Wind and Solar PV hybrid power system at Rosalie Resort, Dominica
  • Project Manager for the California Energy Commission on Development of Wind Farm Design Standards and Infrastructure Criteria for Baja California
  • Identify Market Driven Opportunities for Clean and Renewable Distributed Generation Power plants for the World Resources Institute
  • Renewable Energy Specialist for the Caribbean Hotel Energy Efficiency Action Project (CHENACT)
  • Project Coordinator for the OAS Wind Turbine Pilot Project, Dominica
  • Design and installation of several residential wind and solar hybrid energy systems in the Caribbean

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