Tatsuro Seguchi, Executive Development Partner

Tatsuru works as a principal of MIDC during the development of large generating projects.  He is a founding shareholder of Energy initiatives Japan. Before establishing the company in July 2005, Mr Seguchi was Head of Japan for International Power, a UK based electric power company. Prior to that, Mr. Seguchi was the founder and CEO of E Power Corp., a power business developer sponsored by a number of companies, including Enron Corp., and Orix Corporation and Yazaki Corporation of Japan.  Mr. Seguchi started his career at Marubeni Corporation, a Japanese trading firm and has gained extensive experience in power and energy businesses. He also worked as a Vice President at Sithe Energies in New York. Mr. Seguchi received a BA in Business and Commerce from Keio University, Japan. He also serves as an executive director of Energy Business Solutions Co., Ltd. Projects have included:

  • AES Thames Coal Project, 180 MW, US
  • AES Barbars Pt. Coal Project, 180 MW, US
  • AES Cedar Bay Coal Project, 300 MW, US
  • ACE coal Cogen Project, 110 MW, US
  • Everfortune CCNG Project, 900 MW, Taiwan
  • Tapal DG Project, 140 MW, Pakistan
  • Mindanao 1&2 Geothermal, 80 MW, Philippines
  • Leyte Geothermal, 180 MW, Philippines

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