Blue Economy Caribbean - Miami, Florida

October 15, 2019 - Blue Economy Caribbean was launched in 2018 as a call for the region to prioritize coastal and marine economies that are sustainable, scalable, inclusive, and environmentally sound.

Since then, interest has only intensified, with new finance tools and marine technologies poised to transform economies region-wide. Co-hosted by the Caribbean Development Bank and New Energy Events, Blue Economy Caribbean 2019 will be a hub for this transformative market, bringing multi-laterals and funders to island stakeholders and solutions providers, getting governments to the table for discussions about policy and next steps, introducing new technologies that can be implemented now, and highlighting successful projects we can learn from and replicate.

Join government officials exploring ways to encourage investment in Blue Economy projects; multilaterals seeking public-private partnerships and supports to foster development in the region; private sector enterprise finding the markets that make the most sense for their solutions. BEC 2019 brings together all stakeholders to answer critical next-step questions: What has changed in the market since 2018, and how do those changes translate to solutions? What do we know now that we didn't a year ago? How can we speed up the implementation of projects and policy?


  • Assess the progress of policies/ projects.
  • Analyze first movers in the market
  • Map country policies programs/projects
  • Showcase successful project models.
  • Introduce new technologies to market
  • Match investors with viable projects

Engaging private-sector innovation and public-sector regulation, BEC 2019 will get everyone as far down the road as possible toward sound projects and programs that are well-funded and backed by sound policy.

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