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Keep abreast of what is happening on the forefront of renewable energy with Murphy International!  We will be adding to the press releases on a regular basis, so visit here often.

Puerto Rico power company announces 15 percent drop in bills

October 4, 2018 - Puerto Rico’s power company has announced a 15 percent reduction in electric bills as people struggle to recover from Hurricane Maria amid an economic crisis. [ more ]

U.S. Biomass Power, Dampened by Market Forces, Fights to Stay Ablaze

October 1, 2018 - Though experts say biomass should continue to play a key role in the U.S. renewable power portfolio for its baseload properties, contributions to forest management, and other reasons, a swathe of uneconomic biomass power plants across the U.S.—especially in the West—have been recently idled or shut down. [ more ]

Small Island Developing States and IRENA to Take Energy Transformation to Next Level

September 28, 2018 - Heads of state and government and development partners to strengthen cooperation on renewable energy with the launch of the SIDS Lighthouses Initiative 2.0 at the UN General Assembly. [ more ]

IRENA at UNGA73: Renewables Central to Global Climate and Sustainable Development Objective

September 26, 2018 - As leaders meet in New York for their annual gathering, IRENA is actively engaging with states and stakeholders during the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly. [ more ]

Energy Access and Sustainable Development Focus at Off-Grid Renewables Conference

September 25, 2018 – The central role of off-grid renewable energy in achieving universal energy access and sustainable development will be under the spotlight during the fourth edition of the International Off-grid Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition (IOREC). [ more ]

For Puerto Rico, how many stakeholders are too many? Former energy regulator considers island’s recovery and future

September 20, 2018 - Jóse Román Morales, former Chairman of Puerto Rico’s Energy Commission, sat down with New Energy Events recently and shared his views on the resilience of the newly reconstructed grid, impediments to investment, and the independence of the new Energy Bureau. [ more ]

Are Microgrids the future for utilities?

September 13, 2018 - There’s currently a lot of talk about how we support environmental legislation while balancing a grid under pressure, not to mention how to meet future energy demands. In answering those questions, there are many different solutions being discussed and explored. [ more ]

EPA Asked to Process RIN Applications for Electricity Generated Using Biomass and Biogas Fuel

September 6, 2018 - This morning, 111 organizations sent a letter to the EPA Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler urging the immediate inclusion of renewable electricity in the Renewable Fuel Standard. In 2007, Congress approved the participation in the RFS of electricity produced using renewable feedstocks as fuel, including certain types of biomass, biogas and the biogenic portion of municipal solid waste. Despite this approval and EPA’s approval of renewable electricity in 2014, EPA has yet to register facilities and recognize RINs for electricity producers, also known as “eRINs.” [ more ]

Why Renewable Powered Mini-Grids Would be Better for Puerto Rico

September 4, 2018 - As we near the one-year anniversary of the devastation Hurricane Maria afflicted upon the residents of Puerto Rico, it’s concerning that post-hurricane efforts have been largely focused on restoring power with little progress on strengthening the already-weakened power grid against a future storm. [ more ]

The New Era of Absorption Chillers

August 29, 2018 - Although absorption chillers were introduced over a century ago, today it is worth examining what’s new and what’s next while dispelling some old misconceptions. Absorption chiller technology has evolved dramatically in recent years. Absorption chillers are being used around the globe as an efficient solution wherever waste heat recovery or a low-cost thermal driving heat source are available, especially as part of a natural-gas or a combined heat and power (CHP) syst [ more ]

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