The Heart & Soul of Murphy International

Good stewardship means taking care of the resources you've entrusted to us. Environmental stewardship and protecting our natural resources for future generations is at the core of Murphy International’s mission. In fact, all Murphy International’s facilities are "renewable," using wind, geothermal, waste heat, and a variety of alternative fuels to generate electricity while reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. By processing recycled waste into fuel, our recycled-waste-to-energy operations conserve landfill space and fuel oil while generating clean power.

Murphy International is commitment to the communities we serve and the environment through education, partnerships and projects that result in conservation, restoration and increased environmental awareness. We do this because we value the safety and well being of our people and neighbors, as well as the wildlife and the environment. Typical community priorities are: education, employment, energy, environment, and health.

The meaning of Stewardship to us is simple, being “committed to improving the environment and the communities we serve.” We do that through a multitude of initiatives. We have identified many stewardship and community projects in which we are or have been involved including working with schools and the community to improve the local environment,  employees take part in a variety of environmental educational programs such as the Earth Day programs, Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross Fund Raisers, AmeriCares - HomeFront Program, Local Hospice and AIDS facilities, emergency shelters and soup kitchens, Quest for Peace – Humanitarian Aid for Nicaragua, and land trust and conservation support activities. We support numerous environmental groups, including state chapters of The Nature Conservancy, Arbor Day, and recent sponsorship of support for Hurricane Katrina victims and clean up in New Orleans and the Gulf region.

Our philosophy is to invest in our communities and encourage them to invest in themselves.
One of the ways we invest in our communities is to support our support staff that chooses to volunteer their time and talent to help meet community needs. Through their community work, our staff helps build partnerships between the company and the community. This, in turn, helps create support for the company's business operations. The idea is to make a community a better place to live, work and raise a family. Among the more popular activities that our people consistently participate in each year are Arbor Day and Earth Day events, cleanups with anti-litter and beautification groups, environmental educational outreach, recycling and habitat restoration.

Beginning in the fall of 2002, at the Stillwater Geothermal Power Plant facility we embarked on a repowering and expansion effort while working together to meet the conservation goals with various government and local entities and community groups. The project included leased geothermal rights located on an environmentally sensitive Federal Wildlife Reserve. The groups included the Federal Bureaus of Land Management and India Affairs, US Fish and Wildlife, Piute Shoshone Indian Tribe, Truckee Carson Irrigation District, and the Nevada Fish and Game Departments. Utilizing first-of- a-kind application of underground reservoir gathering systems, submersible pumps, camouflaging, and environmental conservation methodologies a way forward for project expansion was accomplished.  We have hosted numerous field days at the facility, and in a partnership provided funding and implementation for biodiversity improvement projects in the sensitive Wildlife Reserve. The efforts initiated community good will support for conservation and habitat restoration for and education about some of the Wildlife’s species of birds. Noise and ambient light abatement programs, Tree and vegetation planting, water and resource conservation activities were implemented.  This programs success is an example of the company’s commitment to the key principle of our good Stewardship.

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