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A new series about sustainable energy innovations, e² energy, releases on PBS stations October 19. And the second season of e² design releases on November 30. The e² energy series begins in the farmlands of southwest Minnesota, where an increasing number of farmers are looking to wind power as both a means of sustainable energy production and an economic lifeline for small-town America.

Gobal in scope and comprised of six 30-minute chapters filmed in HD, e² energy features the engineers, policymakers and innovations that are transforming energy availability and consumption. Each episode covers viable policy and technology alternatives to the fossil fuel culture.
Episodes explore: California as a world leader in emissions control; transportation and the need for greater efficiencies; ethanol in Brazil and its future in the United States; distributed solar energy as a means to poverty alleviation in Bangladesh; community wind in Minnesota and its role in regional economic development; and the role of coal and nuclear power in our future energy mix. Solutions-oriented, the series illustrates the trials and trade-offs that any evolution in our global energy system will demand. e² energy is narrated by Morgan Freeman.

Harvesting the Wind - Episode  1:
Wind is the fastest growing energy source in the world, yet it has struggled for acceptance in the United States. In southwest Minnesota, however, wind energy is a burgeoning source of local power and income for farmers. Some have joined forces in wind cooperatives to investing in larger farms and reap bigger profits. In the absence of a strong renewable energy policy at the  federal level, the state government plays a key role in wind policy, begging the question: Will the rest of the U.S. follow Minnesota’s and the other States which lead in Wind?

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