Biomass Energy Technologies

Murphy International has integrated multi-fuel technology which offers so many advantages that future efforts will be devoted to an increasing integration of combustion methods at individual plants. Additionally our Hybrid configurations allow the production of energy with various types of combined renewable energy sources will be brought together as well. This development means that plants of the future will be far better equipped to meet and adapt to supply and demand at low cost and with sustainable resources.

Our biomass technologies, combustion, and high-efficiency gasification systems, were specially developed to be incorporated into the many different stages involved in energy recovery from biomass. These systems and components have been adapted for use in many different countries around the world and designed for a wide variety of biomass fuels and applications.

This broad range of experience means we can provide energy production systems that can provide much more than just electricity. For example, we can also generate heat, process steam or hot water, HVAC, cooling, water desalination, synthetic gas, CO2 and bio oil.

Here is a basic overview of the fuels, process, technologies, and end-products covered by our range of biomass systems

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