DISTRIBUTED GENERATION, Renewable Energy Overview

Murphy International (MI) provides an integrated, energy service company (ESCO) design and development approach - to ensure health, comfort, innovation, and cost savings in the design and operation of commercial buildings, retail space, universities and education campuses, resorts, office parks, residential, municipal and government facilities.  Our expertise in green facility design and clean energy development provides clients with the tools and information necessary to make informed decisions on improvements to the energy efficiency of your new or existing facility while being a good steward to our natural resources.  As an ESCO, we use several contracting vehicles that leverage MI investment and, therefore, require no capital investment on the part of the client. 

Instead, MI finances and implements, the performance based contract turnkey work for the energy efficiency and facility infrastructure upgrade projects in exchange for a fixed monthly fee based on a share of the verified energy, resource, and operational savings produced. We view the ESCO process as a partnership and, therefore, focus on strong communications with our clients to achieve consistency with their goals and objectives and assure complete customer satisfaction. Ours is a whole-facility approach that focuses on achieving energy efficiency improvements and environmental compliance on a least cost lifecycle basis.

Energy efficient construction does not need to cost more than conventional design. We have the ability to support a range of energy efficiency activities from undertaking low-risk, high return actions such as switching to energy efficient lighting, installing solar films and awnings to deeper retrofit activities involving building shell upgrades and renewable energy systems.  We assist facilities to develop comprehensive energy programs based on their unique needs and facility use, which allows them to make upgrades as either  their budgets allow over time or for which our performance based finance economic options best apply. 

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