Renewable Energy FAQs

Murphy International renewable power projects help conserve and extend finite hydrocarbon resources. They also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing demand for electricity that would otherwise be produced by local fossil-fuel power plants.  In addition to its expertise in the installation of conventional wind, geothermal and biomass electric generation and, Murphy International has experience in installing waste heat recovery systems, recycled, waste-to-energy, and alternative fuel generation and plant retrofit technologies and will help commercialize these technologies as market demand grows worldwide.

What Is Renewable Energy

Renewable energy refers to energy resources that are not depleted as they are consumed or converted to other forms of energy. Renewables include solar energy used directly or converted to electricity; wind power; hydroelectric power; geothermal energy; ocean and tidal energy; biomass fuels; and – depending on how it's produced –; hydrogen...more ]

Frequently Asked Questions about Renewable Energy

What is renewable energy? Why use renewable energy? What role does renewable energy play now? There are several reasons why renewable energy solutions make sense. Our climate, pollution of our environment, and supply are important considerations today. Here is some useful information together with the reasons we are passionate about what we do...more ]

New General Compression Video Showcases Collaboration with ConocoPhillips on TX Demonstration Project.

Please use this link and video key password to watch a new company animation that showcases ConocoPhillips' collaboration with GC on our GCAES demonstration project in TX.
Video Key: GCmedia1intro!

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