Our Wind Energy Solutions

Murphy International is a turnkey developer of wind energy projects handling all aspects of a wind project. Our experienced team is comprised of biologists, land and GIS specialists, engineers, financial and legal executives.

We build remote-location, community based, in-the-fence industrial and utility scale projects.

We've developed or invested in over 60 project totaling more than 1600 MW of clean, renewable wind energy worldwide.

More About Wind Power

How Wind Power Works

Wind turbines have blades designed like airplane wings. They rotate due to a pressure differential caused by air moving over the surface of the blade. The blades turn a rotor which drives an electrical generator. Turbines are designed to automatically face the wind either mechanically or by computer-controlled drive systems...more ]

Small Wind Systems

Small electric wind turbines for residential or small commercial use have been available for more than three decades. The current technology is highly reliable and converts wind energy into electricity efficiently. Wind turbines for a residential application typically range in electrical output capacity from 500 watts up to 10 kilowatts. These systems are mounted on towers between 60 and 100 feet off the ground and may have blades or rotors, similar to those on an aircraft engine, up to 25 feet in diameter. [ more ]

Wind Turbines - A Video

Energy 101 - Wind Turbines [ more ]

General Compression Advanced Energy Storage (GCAES™)

General Compression’s advanced air compression process is able to store and release more than a week’s worth of the energy generated by wind turbines. Flexible, large-scale storage like this is the first step toward creating a stronger and more robust electric grid by enabling renewables to contribute to reliable power generation...more ]

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