Energy Service Company FAQs

DISTRIBUTED GENERATION, Renewable Energy Overview

Murphy International (MI) provides an integrated, energy service company (ESCO) design and development approach - to ensure health, comfort, innovation, and cost savings in the design and operation of commercial buildings, retail space, universities and education campuses, resorts, office parks, residential, municipal and government facilities.  Our expertise in green facility design and clean energy development provides clients with the tools and information necessary to make informed decisions on improvements to the energy efficiency of your new or existing facility while being a good steward to our natural resources.  As an ESCO, we use several contracting vehicles that leverage MI investment and, therefore, require no capital investment on the part of the client.  [ more ]

How do you get started?

How you get started depends on a number of different factors. Our energy and building specialists will help you right from the start by assessing the age of your current facility and its equipment, your type of facility, hours of operation, local utility rates, and your access to financial resources to determine what kind of upgrades are most beneficial...more ]

Finance Options For Commercial Renewable Energy, CHP, Wind, and Solar

1. Cash Purchase - Own the Renewable Power System

The simplest path to financing a commercial energy project is to purchase the system directly. You buy and operate the solar installation, which allows you to directly benefit from any available federal, state and local clean energy incentives...more ]

2. Renewable Energy Lease – Lease the system, Use the energy

How Renewable Leases Work
A renewable energy lease is a financing option that allows businesses to generate clean electricity with little to no upfront capital investment. Like traditional equipment leases, renewable energy leases provide use of the renewable energy equipment itself in exchange for a monthly lease payment. You benefit from the clean electricity generated from the rented renewable energy installation...more ]

3. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) – Buy the energy

How Renewable Energy PPAs Work
A renewable energy PPA is a financing arrangement that allows businesses or government agencies to purchase clean electricity with no upfront capital cost. To achieve this, a “host” organization provides unused rooftop, land, or parking lot space, facility space as the location for an energy installation. MI, as the third party PPA provider, pays for the cost of the installation and assumes all responsibility for ownership, operation, and maintenance after the solar project is complete.  As the host organization, you enter into an agreement to purchase the solar electricity produced by the system owned by the PPA provider at a predetermined rate per kilowatt-hour, the same unit of measurement on your standard utility bill. [ more ]

4. Financing Options for US Public Agencies

How Public Renewable Energy Financing Options Work
Public entities are able to take advantage of numerous financing options not available to corporate entities, including special incentives, tax-exempt leases, and exclusive government subsidy bonds. Done correctly, modest funding combined with low-interest debt is sufficient to finance public solar projects...more ]

Investment Approach

MI is focused on providing clean energy to qualified and suitable clients who meet our investment criteria.  We use our background and experience in asset-based finance, risk management and renewable energy system design and construction when reviewing potential investments.  We consider the following aspects of a project: [ more ]

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