About Us

Who We Are

Murphy International services independent power producers and developers of renewable and conventional plants including; wind, solar, Biomass, hydroelectric, geothermal, CHP, cogeneration and alternative fuels projects. Our focus is on North and Latin American opportunities and preferrably early-stage Greenfield Investment, preferring to work only with management teams with proven records. [ more ]

Our Leadership Team

The Murphy International leadership team brings together a broad range of backgrounds and a diversity of perspectives to lead and inspire innovation, collaboration and a shared commitment to a financially viable model of business sustainability. We seek to maximize synergies with other members, partners, and project stakeholders and support teams and utilize our people and resources efficiently to achieve healthy sustainable success. We have a lean and robust management structure that is integrated with our partners and direction of our investments.  Read our leadership team biographies... [ more ]

Our Scope

Murphy International will bring together a team to act as the development coordinator for development projects using renewable energy sources. Our firm is interested in providing the Owner with the support services to structure and arrange non-recourse project financing, provide hands-on plant refurbishment supervision, and provide ongoing operations and maintenance services for Owner’s operations for any project. [ more ]

From Planning to Maintenance

Murphy International provides complete financial advisory services. We begin by developing a structure for the transaction that meets the owner’s needs, using our extensive knowledge of private capital markets and our relationships with leading lenders and investors to create a “win-win” scenario. This financial structuring is augmented by our detailed experience in refurbishing and operating power plants, providing additional... [ more ]

Team Capabilities

Our Murphy International Team is made up of a unique group of talented individuals who each bring their own special abilities to the project in order to offer a complete package of services and optimize project potential. This team includes people with extensive experience in the wind, hydro and renewable energy development arena, energy sales, installation, construction/erection, operations and maintenance, financing, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, safety, the legal arena and the energy industry. Expertise includes... [ more ]

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