Photo Gallery

We wanted to share some of the details and excitement of our projects.   We have photos from all over the world and through them you can get an insider's view of some of our installations.   Click on any title below to see the images.   Enjoy! 

Chambellan Haiti - ACJF School Solar Powered Well Pump and Water Purification System

August 22, 2011, by Douglas Murphy -- Murphy International (MI) together with an Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University team, Daytona Beach, Florida, - designed, assembled and commissioned a  Solar Powered Water Well and Purification System in Haiti [View Photo Album] or [Play slideshow].  In December 2010 MIDC thru the Benedictine Grange in Redding, Connecticut met the Director of the Ann Clemende Julien Foundation (ACJF) of Chabellan Haiti. The ACJF is a non profit organization dedicated toward providing an education to impoverished children... [ more ]

MIDC investments In Wind

MIDC investments in wind include: wind project development companies, a manufacturer and supplier of wind turbines for; environmental friendly distributed generation, islands, resorts, farms, schools, industrial, and community wind projects. 

The keys to these wind projects are that local community members or property owners can directly... [ more ]

MIDC and Global Sustainability

We believe in the transformative power of widespread, systemic education to improve lives and communities, both locally and globally. Our positive classroom and community outreach program presents a solutions-based programming, which was designed by and for teachers, and brings critical thinking about global issues to students in every walk of life. Topics include... [ more ]

Geothermal Management Services enXco Site Visits

GMS is an Operations & Management (O&M) and Development company in the geothermal business, having purchased the Stillwater Geothermal Plant (12.5MW) in Fallon Nevada from Constellation/Prudential... [ more ]

MIDC Consulting, Cleveland, OH

MIDC with its investment and joint venture company, is a specialized international environmental technology solutions company headquartered in Japan. The companies are committed to optimizing energy intensve business reduce energy and emmsissions while solving waste management problems in an economically meaningful and environmentally responsible manner... [ more ]

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